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I’m Mike and I hate weddings.

But that’s ok, so do you. You hate wedding blogs full of bunting and jam jars and super hot couples that can’t be real. You hate smoke bombs and cheesy poses and looking out the window to see your photographer out in the garden hanging your fucking dress in a tree. You hate chair covers and cheesy speeches copied from Google and group photos that go on for hours. You hate princess brides and cheap tophat-and-tails grooms, you hate everyone being on their best behaviour. You hate being told what to do.

Your wedding is about being with your favourite people and having a great time. It’s about love and laughter and good times. It’s about getting married.

Most of my couples are afraid of having their picture taken, and a lot of them have said they had no interest in booking a photographer until they found me. I got an email from a couple recently that says: “It was such a pleasure having you at our wedding. You really are the photographer for people who don’t like having their photos taken!”

You want wedding photos that show the inside story, warts n all, and that’s what I live for. If Cousin Bill sticks his hand up Auntie Mavis’s skirt and then gets beaten with sticks for his trouble then you want photos of that. If your nan stands up and tries to make a speech after too many Proseccos you want it captured. If your new spouse falls down the town hall steps during the confetti toss you sure as hell want evidence.

So who is this random dude turning up at your wedding with a camera in hand? I’m Mike and I live in a bungalow in a seaside town in South Devon. I’m a single father of a teenage son who lives with me most of the week. I love cats, photography, motorbikes and most importantly people. They fascinate me. And being paid to take photos of people with a free license to shoot what I want is the best job I can think of ever having.

I first got into weddings decades ago. After shooting a few weddings I promptly binned that as a bad idea (hated the cheesy posed bollocks and the lines ups) and carried on with commercial photography. Then a couple of years ago I decided I would revisit weddings – but only if I did it my way, which probably isn’t like a wedding at all. If you hire me you get a photographer who will make the best pictures he possibly can of your wedding which will show you what it felt like to be there.

So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who shows what it was like to be there, while disrupting your day as little as possible get in touch.

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What other people say about me.

“Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special. You are a fantastic person and really made us all feel very relaxed. ” — Adrian & Anna

“ We love the photos, which aren’t rigidly posed, but capture us interacting honestly. You can see the genuine happiness there. We also love the photos of our friends & family enjoying the day with each other, so we can clearly see that everyone had a good time – sometimes we weren’t really aware of what was going on around us and these photos are memories and reminders of the whole weekend experience. We were amazed! We had already seen some snaps some of the guests had taken, but Mike’s photos were in a completely different league and captured the atmosphere, the emotion and the look of the whole wedding perfectly.” — Louisa & David

“ I know I’ve said it a thousand times. But thanks so much Mike. You really helped make it a perfect day. we could not be happier with our photos X.” — Sarah & Mark

“ we’ve just had a quick flick through as phone screens aren’t really big enough to do justice, and they are fantastic. When we get back we will be able to have a proper look. Also, thank you for everything you did on the day as organised chaos seemed to rule (best men, eh?), but we still got lots of pictures to remember the day by, even if they do just prove that my hair is disappearing fast… The small packet of pictures that you gave Kirsty were a wonderful touch, and turned out to be the only thing that made my new wife cry!” — Kirsty & Paul
“Mike!!! Looking at the pictures and having streams of tears coming down my eyes! What a spectacular job! Thank you, thank you…Grazie di cuore.”  – Martina & Matt

“Mike really helped make our day so special. He was so friendly and professional. The photos are better than we could have hoped for and has captured the story of our day perfectly. A true gem that we were so blessed to find. We could not recommend his services enough”.

“Excellent photographer and very nice bloke!  Mike stayed at our wedding and took photos for at least 2 hours more than we had agreed.  Our pre-wedding meetings were really relaxed and Mike answered all the questions we asked. On the day he did everything as promised and was a great help in organising friends and family for photos.  His photos were taken in an unobtrusive manner, giving the “documentary/candid” feel we wanted.  The photo USB was delivered within a week of the wedding, faster than he had promised!  While additional services were offered, it was done so in a very honest, no-pressure manner. We would highly recommend Mike for photography for any occasion”.

“Mike was an absolute pleasure to deal with, throughout the planning, the special day and afterwards. He is clearly passionate about his job and it really shows in the photos he took. Even our guests have commented on how nice he was. Choosing a photographer for your special day is a difficult process. We’re both so happy with the photo’s Mike took, we know we made the perfect choice!”

“Michael has an amazing eye for some lovely natural moments, whilst still catering to your vision. Looking back at all the photos there were some fabulous moments that we never dreamt would be captured. Michael really does what he says – he blends into the crowd, goes unnoticed and takes photos like he was in every place at the right time”.

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