You are extraordinary people - why settle for ordinary wedding photographs?

For couples who don't want a wedding photographer

You want your wedding day to be relaxed, laid back and fun. It's a celebration, it will be unique to you, no formula to it and you want your wedding pictures to reflect that.


Your wedding photography should be about you. It should show you as you are. The pictures should tell your story. You want pictures of your wedding that don't look like the wedding photography you see all around you.


I'm Mike Riley, a Devon based documentary wedding photographer covering weddings across the UK and beyond. I’ll give you the all the moments and the story observed – not orchestrated or arranged. This is the stuff that shows you what the day felt like. This is the way wedding photography should be.





Unposed documentary wedding photography

About me - the tl;dr version

The "About" section of a photographers website is intended to persuade the reader that the photographer is just like them and that you should book them cos you're all Super Krazy Kool Kids. But frankly that's all nonsense. There's no one like you, no one like your partner and no one like me. That's what makes it interesting.


So "About Me" the TL;DR version - I'm a big fan of art however it comes. I love photography, paintings, cinema, sculpture, books - if you do too we'll get on famously.


I believe that on your wedding day we have the opportunity to create a unique collection of images, equal parts contemporary art, story of your day and social document. The pictures will remind you how the day felt, and show others who come after us who you were and what you meant to each other. The pictures will show you and your people in the context of your life.


I'm allergic to wedding cheese - I won’t hang your dress in a tree, or balance the rings on the page of a bible to make that twee little heart shaped shadow. There will be no smoke bombs unless you’re getting married on a battlefield. I won't make you pose and I won't interfere with any part of the day just to make a picture, you will get none of that tedious cheese from me.


If you need to know more then there's only one way to find out. Get in touch and ask me.

Romy & Frank - New Orleans Wedding

"So many stories and so much energy, we can really feel the sweep of the day. Thank you again for sharing the gift of what you do".

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award winning wedding photographer Mike Riley