Wedding Photography for Individuals

by Documentary Wedding Photographer Michael Riley.

No templates, no cheese just the real thing...

Allergic to wedding cheese?

Me too.

But wedding photography doesn't have to be that way.

7 reasons to talk to me about being your wedding photographer: 

There will be no posing, no forced smiles, no soppy looks, no embarrassing leaping in the air - and absolutely no frocks in trees - EVER.

I won’t take over the day. I observe, I don’t orchestrate. It’s your day and it's my pleasure to document it for you, but I won’t commandeer it.

You’ll get a collection of honest, unposed, natural photographs in which you will be able to recognise yourself.

You're different, so why should your wedding photography look like everybody else's?

My visual style is a ‘light touch’, no filters that make the pictures look dated in years to come. I remember the ’80s, I was there!

Working with me is simple. All you need to do is ask me to be there and then forget about me and concentrate on enjoying yourself. 

I'm a lovely chap – no really I am. I will mingle with your guests and disappear into the crowd for the most part. You don't need to worry about a thing - least of all me!

Bonus reason:

Your mum will love me, she won’t even grumble (too much) when I take a picture of her with her hair in curlers.

A day you'll never forget and pictures to show you what it felt like

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What previous clients said...

Martina and Matt

"Mike!!! Looking at the pictures and having streams of tears coming down my eyes! What a spectacular job! Thank you, thank you…Grazie di cuore"

See Martina and Matt's wedding...

Kirsty and Paul

"They are fantastic. Thank you for everything you did on the day as organised chaos seemed to rule (best men, eh?), but we still got lots of pictures to remember the day by, even if they do just prove that my hair is disappearing fast. The small packet of pictures that you gave Kirsty were a wonderful touch, and turned out to be the only thing that made my new wife cry!"

Louisa and David

"Sometimes we weren’t really aware of what was going on around us and these photos are memories and reminders of the whole weekend experience. We were amazed! We had already seen some snaps some of the guests had taken, but Mike’s photos were in a completely different league and captured the atmosphere, the emotion and the look of the whole wedding perfectly".

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Wedding photographer Mike Riley

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