Hi I'm Mike and I hate weddings...

but that's ok , so do you.

You hate wedding blogs full of bunting and jam jars and super hot couples that can’t be real. You hate smoke bombs and cheesy poses and looking out the window to see your photographer out in the garden hanging your dress in a tree. You hate chair covers and cheesy speeches copied from Google and group photos that go on for hours. You hate princess brides and cheap tophat-and-tails grooms, you hate everyone being on their best behaviour. You hate being told what to do.

Unposed wedding pictures

Great wedding photos can't be posed.  There's always those little impromptu moments when everyone looks at the camera and pulls a face, but the great pictures that capture the fun, the drama and the romance of the day can't be staged. All the work you see here is unposed natural documentary wedding photography. This is the stuff that shows you what the day felt like. This is the way wedding photography should be.

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