2017 My Top Twenty

So pop pickers it’s that time of year again when wedding photographers across the land start spamming social media with what they call their best shots of the year in an attempt to persuade you to book them for your wedding. Odd really because you would have thought their best shots were in their portfolio and that you’ve already seen them but there we go.

Who am I to be different? Here’s my top twenty. Except these aren’t my twenty best shots of the year, these are just the twenty that I like most at this moment in time. Next week I might have a different top twenty, in fact I probably will. The point is that for me there is no twenty best. I can only offer you my favourites in any given moment. They’re my favourites because of the people in them. The things about the day they remind me of, some of them because they show things that are incredibly important to the people in the pictures but invisible to anybody else, there’s at least one of those in this set.

Anyway without any further ado and in no particular order here’s my current  twenty favourite images from this year. If you would like pictures like this of your wedding you know what to do


Some Honourable Mentions…


ItalyWedding-12(pp_w768_h511) 2017 My Top Twentypyart-7689(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top Twentythurtell-5615(pp_w768_h1150) 2017 My Top Twentythurtell-4(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top Twentypyart-6590(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top Twentypyart-5(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top Twentyitalianweddingcouple-5(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top Twentypyart-3(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top TwentyDSC2778(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top Twentyitalianweddingcouple-2(pp_w768_h511) 2017 My Top TwentyBucklandHouseWedding-33(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top TwentyBucklandHouseWedding-52(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top TwentyBucklandHouseWedding-6(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top TwentyBucklandHouseWedding-16(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top TwentyItalyWedding-24(pp_w768_h512) 2017 My Top TwentyItalyWedding-14(pp_w768_h511) 2017 My Top Twenty