"10s 10s 10s across the board!!!...What you do is incredible"

A Manifesto: On Being a Wedding Photographer.

I believe that there is no formula approach to a wedding.  All people are different. All weddings are different. What is common to all though is a set of beliefs about people, weddings and photography in general and so what I’ve arrived at instead is more of a manifesto.

My inspiration on the day is you. You are the spark in the day, the thing that makes it different and unique. My role is to give you a collection of images that show you that uniqueness and tell you the story of the day.

What I do is geared towards that and not a need to make images to be featured in wedding blogs or win awards. Peer recognition is always nice, as are the handful of awards I have, but my motivation is always you. 

My Approach to a Wedding,

with or without antlers.

What I’m interested in is the people, you, your partner, your family and friends. As a wedding photographer interested in relationships and human interaction my intention on the day is to make a record of the people and the event and that’s what makes the pictures different from all the other wedding pictures you’ve ever seen.

I set out to make pictures of your people being themselves and doing real people stuff. They’ve come together all in one place on that day to be with you and celebrate your wedding. They may never all be in the same room together again. The people are the important thing to you and that’s what I concentrate on.

The thing about documentary wedding photography is that it’s about your day, not mine.

I’m looking for that story, I’m recording things as they happen, watching and waiting for those moments. I dont use shot lists. I’m not looking for the same pictures as you can see on Pinterest, or in the blogs.  I won’t hang your dress in a tree, or balance the rings on the page of a bible to make that twee little heart shaped shadow. There will be no smoke bombs unless you’re getting married on a battlefield, I wont make you stand under the see through brolly in the rain (you know the one), you will get none of that tedious cheese from me.

You deserve better. I’ll give you the all the moments and the story observed – not orchestrated or arranged. If you’re nodding your head right now  – we’re made for each other.

Working with me is simple. All you need to do is ask me to be there. Then forget about me and concentrate on enjoying yourself.

Many of the people I speak to about their wedding days remember how the photographer posed them for portraits and how uncomfortable they felt, They remember the photographer not the moment.  

You don’t need me to tell you how to look at each other for pictures. You’ve just got married, I want to show you how you really looked at each other on the day.

There will be no posing, no forced smiles, no soppy looks, no embarrassing leaping in the air - and absolutely no frocks in trees - EVER.

I won’t take over the day. I observe, I don’t orchestrate. It’s your day and it's my pleasure to document it for you, but I won’t commandeer it.

You’ll get a collection of honest, unposed, natural photographs in which you will be able to recognise yourself.

My visual style is a ‘light touch’, no filters that make the pictures look dated in years to come. No fake vintage or spot colour. I remember the ’80s, I was there!

Working with me is simple. All you need to do is ask me to be there and then forget about me and concentrate on enjoying yourself. 

I'm a lovely chap – no really I am. I will mingle with your guests and disappear into the crowd for the most part. You don't need to worry about a thing - least of all me!

Bonus reason:

Your mum will love me, she won’t even grumble (too much) when I take a picture of her with her hair in curlers.

If what I do resonates with you, then no one else will be as good a fit for what you want as me,

we should talk about it