A wedding at the Oak Barn, Charlie and James.

I met Charlie and James way back in January ’16 at a cafe in Exeter to have a chat about their wedding at the oak barn. I could tell from that initial meeting that the wedding was going to be quite something. They had big plans for an action packed event and it sounded like the kind of wedding I would want to attend as a guest. Fast forward to October of the same year and it turned out that I wasn’t wrong.


I had never shot a wedding at the Oak Barn before. The name made me think it was going to be a dark dingy barn, but not at all. The venue is in fact two converted barns, the main one being quite light and airy and an ideal place for the ceremony, along with plenty of open space and fields and a large oak tree which I imagine lends the venue its name. I arrived in the morning as usual just a little after Charlie’s preparations had started. I prefer to arrive once things are underway, that way people are busy and I don’t take up any of their headspace, I can just fit into whats happening. Usually from there, there’s a flow to the day that develops, I flit back and forth between bride and groom, taking care to keep  an eye on the other guests as they arrive, and an ear open to keep up to speed on how things are progressing in other parts of the venue. Things like what’s the brides dad up to and when will he go to meet his daughter and so on.

Charlie’s dad and bridal party escorted her down to the main barn for the ceremony where James was waiting patiently with his team and the ceremony got underway. After that a drinks reception, the wedding breakfast, and more guests arrived and then as dusk fell this wedding at the Oak Barn really came to life. The fantastic Delta 88 played a frenetic rockabilly set and the dancing started. Following that 3 DJs took to the decks one after the other and Charlie, James and their guests partied into the night. It was quite a party as well. Going back to my initial thoughts when I met Charlie and James – that this sounded like a wedding that I would love to be at as a guest – I was proved to be entirely right, and as a photographer it was an absolute gift. The wedding was a pleasure to shoot from the start. I know all wedding photographers say that on their blogs but it really is true. Great people, a great venue and then a humungous mental party to finish on. Here’s a couple of handfuls of my favourite pictures from the day.

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