Award winning UK and destination wedding photographer

You are extraordinary people.

Why settle for ordinary wedding photographs?

I believe your wedding photography should be about you. It should show you as you are. The pictures should tell your story. There is no formula approach to a wedding and there are no bit part players. All of the people are important and all weddings are different. You are the spark in the day, the thing that makes it different and unique. My role is to give you a collection of photographs of your wedding that show that uniqueness and reveal the story of how that day felt to be a part of.

Great wedding photos can't be posed. There's always those little impromptu moments when everyone looks at the camera and pulls a face, but the great pictures that capture the fun, the drama and the romance of the day can't be contrived. All the work you see here is unposed natural documentary wedding photography. This is the stuff that shows you what the day felt like. This is the way wedding photography should be.

Every wedding is unique. I come with no preconceptions of what a wedding looks like. No preconception of what yours will look or feel like. The collection of pictures we make will be uniquely yours. The memories and feelings they evoke, the legacy they form – all yours.

Michael Riley Photography


I am a a multi award winning UK and destination wedding photographer. Based in Devon, I offer wedding coverage throughout the UK and anywhere else in the world for couples who like my work and approach to a wedding.


My wedding photography is entirely unposed, natural & candid. My style is documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography which means that I don't intervene in the day for the sake of a shot. I don't pose, interfere or otherwise fuss and faff. Everything is relaxed, laid back and fun allowing for those natural moments to come through and be recorded as memories. You get all the moments observed not orchestrated. If you like the sound of this get in touch via my contact page.

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