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6 Reasons to get in touch with me:


1. There will be no posing, no forced smiles, no soppy looks, no embarrassing leaping in the air - and absolutely no frocks in trees - EVER.

2. I won’t take over the day. I observe, I don’t orchestrate. It’s your day and it's my pleasure to document it for you, but I won’t commandeer it.

3. You’ll get a collection of honest, unposed, natural photographs in which you will be able to recognise yourself.

4. My visual style is a ‘light touch’, no filters that make the pictures look dated in years to come. No fake vintage or spot colour. I remember the ’80s, I was there!

5. Working with me is simple. All you need to do is ask me to be there and then forget about me and concentrate on enjoying yourself.

6. I 'm a lovely chap – no really I am. I will mingle with your guests and disappear into the crowd for the most part. You don't need to worry about a thing – least of all me.


Bonus reason:


Your mum will love me, she won’t even grumble (too much) when I take a picture of her with her hair in curlers.

award winning uk wedding photographer

award winning wedding photographer Mike Riley