Destination wedding photography. An Award.

wedding-photographer-2554196(pp_w768_h512) Destination wedding photography. An Award.

A couple more awards dropped through the ‘e-letterbox’ recently. Both from the Wedding Photojournalist Association.  Here’s the first of them, I’ll post the second in a few days perhaps.

This image comes from Frank and Romy’s destination wedding in New Orleans. I say destination wedding, it was a destination wedding for me, the couple themselves live there, and so a great honour for me to have been plucked from the internet and asked to travel halfway round the world to witness and document a wedding. The wedding itself took place at Felicity Church in the Garden District of New Orleans. A place important to the couple as it was where they met for the first time. Frank is a well known fine art photographer and Romy an Art Buyer looking to buy on behalf of clients. Frank had an exhibition at the Church and the rest, as they say, is history.

This picture comes from the dancefloor after the ceremony itself during the early part of the evening. Sometimes you will see me on my knees in the middle of the dancefloor, this was one of those times. I haven’t gone mad, well I may have done – but there’s method in my madness. On this occasion I was looking for this image or something like it. You can never tell what you might find or capture in the middle of the melee, but it’s always worth looking.