One image at a time #1

wedding photography in Somerset

This is the first post in a series about individual images that resonate particularly with me. Although I am a documentary style wedding photographer it’s likely that not all the images that find their way in to this series will be made at weddings. Instead I’m going to use these posts to talk about what I look for in a picture generally and to give a better feel of what my work is like.

That said the first image to feature is drawn from a wedding set. The day after David & Louisa’s intimate wedding at the George Inn in Norton St Philip in Somerset, the couple hosted a lunch at their home for friends and family. Many of their friends and family hadn’t ever visited them at home and this was an opportunity for them to welcome guests into their home and new life together. This image started out as a semi formal portrait of David’s parents – really just a snapshot, literally over lunch. Charles is very fond of a fry up and the plate of sausages in front of him is an amusing little character pointer. This image is one of a short sequence, the focus of the image was the parents.  As the exposures clicked by David stepped into the frame to greet a lady who is the mother of an old school friend. This lady features in images elsewhere in the set, she was the very essence of elegance.

As the figures in the background came together the camera’s autofocus set to its centre point refocussed away from the couple in the foreground and David and Zosha became the real subject of the image. David’s parents have become a little soft focus though there’s still sufficient sharpness to describe them but for me it’s the small moments like this that take place in the background and sometimes caught only in the corner of the eye that when brought to the foreground like this really help to tell the story of the wedding day and the people who share it.

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