The Pictures

What’s in a name?

I used to describe what I do as documentary wedding photography, if you look through the site you will see references to this every now and again and in truth I approach every wedding as a photojournalist would. I'm looking for the stories, the connections between people, the moments, large and small. 

However the phrase documentary wedding photography has became so overused and to be honest misused, photographers claiming the title because it's trendy rather than because it's what they do (hint if they claim to be documentary photographers and you see clearly posed pictures of couples looking daft in the woods, then they're not what they say they are). 

So what is it I do?  Put simply I make pictures of people at weddings.  I approach the day in a low key relaxed fashion and I make the best pictures I can to show you what the day felt like without posing, without fussing and faffing, without making you feel daft and without stress. 

Let’s have a chat

If this sounds good to you get in touch now and we can have a chat about your plans and whether I'm the photographer for you. 

What’s your wedding all about?

Think about that for a moment. Go on, I'll wait.

It's about the people, you, your partner, your family and friends. As your photographer, I’m interested in photographing the interactions between you all. As far as I’m concerned the role of a wedding photographer is to make a record of the people and the event and that’s what I set out to do without any of the other stuff that makes the pictures look like all the other wedding pictures you’ve ever seen. No smoke bombs unless you’re getting married on a battlefield, no frocks in trees unless you always store your clothes in a hedge, none of that tedious wedding cheese.  I set out to make pictures of your people being people. They’ve come together all in one place on that day to be with you and celebrate your wedding.

My job is to become immersed in the stream of that day and lift moments out of it. Your job is to forget about me and enjoy the day, nothing else.

It’s not my job to make those moments or to orchestrate anything, I won’t steal you away from your guests and waste your time making you look soppy in the long grass. I will observe and record with as light a touch as possible so that afterwards no one remembers me, just the stuff that happened and the day spent celebrating with family and friends. The pictures are there to help with that, not only to show you what happened on the day but also to remind you how the day felt.

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