"Mike!!! Looking at the pictures and having streams of tears coming down my eyes! What a spectacular job! Thank you, thank you…Grazie di cuore"

Wedding photography should be natural, relaxed and fun

You shouldn’t be pressured into endless line ups or cajoled by your photographer into standing in the long grass under the trees looking dopily at the person you’ve just married. All the people I speak to about their wedding days remember how the photographer posed them for portraits and how uncomfortable they felt, how unlike them the resulting photographs were and how long it took for the photographers to set up all their lighting stands and so on.  I won’t do that to you. None of that ‘just turn your head this way and raise your hand like this, put that arm over there and …’

That’s not you, those pictures won’t show you what you looked like and they won’t remind you of how you felt, they’ll probably just remind you of how much I irritated you on the day. So we won’t do that.

81A5298(pp_w768_h512) My approach

Heightened passions and emotions come out on the wedding day. The bride’s mum gets ‘gestural’

Devon-wedding-photography-1(pp_w768_h511) My approach

When bridesmaids blub…

XP213287-1(pp_w768_h576) My approach

Relaxed and informal, just the way it should be Matt waits with friends to get his hair cut at the barbers in Civitavecchia on the morning of his wedding.

What you will do is enjoy your day, from the nerves in the morning to the raging party after dark. Enjoy it, forget about me.  Weddings are about fun, happiness and enjoyment, if you look through my portfolio you can see that in the pictures. You’ll see from the pictures that I’m often right in the middle of the action. I mingle with your guests and behave like one of them. Quite often I get asked whose friend I am and when that happens I know I’m doing something right.

Observation not orchestration

BucklandHouseWedding-15(pp_w768_h512) My approach

Lots happening in the scene, organised chaos really, but Im not going to interfere. This is the story of the morning. This is how it was and all the more beautiful for it.

The thing about documentary wedding photography is that it’s about your day, not mine. I’m looking for that story, I’m recording things as they happen and waiting for things to happen that I think might, anticipating, watching and waiting for those moments so that I’m in the right place at the right time if they happen. I dont need shot lists, I’m not looking for the same pictures as you can see on Pinterest or in the blogs.  I won’t hang your dress in a tree, or balance the rings on the page of a bible to make that twee little heart shaped shadow, there will be no smoke bombs unless you’re getting married on a battlefield, I wont make you stand under the nuclear brolly in the rain (you know the one), you will get none of that tedious cheese from me. You deserve better. I’ll give you the all the moments and the story observed – not orchestrated or arranged. If you’re nodding your head right now  – we’re made for each other.

ItalyWedding-18(pp_w768_h511) My approach

Final adjustments to Daniele’s buttonhole before the grooms party sets off for the wedding

ItalyWedding-21(pp_w768_h511) My approach

All aboard. I’m a sucker for a funky reflection.

You’re Unique

As I say on the front page of this site, you’re unique and so is your wedding. Every wedding is different. I come with no preconceptions of what a wedding looks like. No notion of what yours will look or feel like. The feel of the pictures is me, the feel of the day is all you.

sharp-9970(pp_w768_h512) My approach

The brides mum watching the ceremony. Sometimes the story may not be in the obvious place.

sharp-4014(pp_w768_h512) My approach

Quiet stories running parallel, The brides son and daughter waiting to escort her to the ceremony.

What I’m interested in is the people, you, your partner, your family and friends. I’m interested in relationships and human interaction. As far as I’m concerned the role of a wedding photographer on the day is to make a record of the people and the event and that’s what I set out to do without any of the other stuff that makes the pictures look like all the other wedding pictures you’ve ever seen.  I set out to make pictures of your people being people. They’ve come together all in one place on that day to be with you and celebrate your wedding. The people are the important thing to me and that’s what I concentrate on. That’s what I want to make pictures of.  It will still look like a wedding, it is a wedding after all but it’s your wedding, not any old wedding off ye fantastic fine art wedding blog cos that would be just nonsense.

pyart-6(pp_w768_h512) My approach

More stories happening offstage.

Creative and Inspiration

 I draw my inspiration from all sorts of places – cinema, paintings, other photographers, though it has to be said rarely wedding photographers. From Tarkovsky and Coutard to Vermeer, Mapplethorpe and Michals. The elements of composition, layering, framing and so on that you see in my pictures come from my immersion in these things, not from a need to make images to get featured in wedding blogs or win awards, though peer recognition is always nice and I do have a handful of awards. I’m trying to make something different from all that for my couples.  I want to create images for my couples that not only show them the story of their day when viewed as a collection but which can also be lifted out of the set and viewed as beautiful objects in their own right. Images which can transcend the day and the people but of course mean all the more because of those things.

ItalyWedding-3-684x1024(pp_w480_h718) My approach

I was waiting for someone to step into the doorway and then he gave me the pose as well.

ItalyWedding-5(pp_w768_h512) My approach

Martina early on the morning of her wedding.

wishingwellfoundation-211698(pp_w768_h511) My approach

Dancefloor mayhem, Im in the middle of it.

St-Austell-wedding-photographer-47(pp_w768_h512) My approach

Silly faces and larking about – again Im in the middle.

ItalyWedding-36(pp_w768_h512) My approach

Touch, expression and emotion are what its all about.

ItalyWedding-37(pp_w768_h511) My approach

Some images just speak for themselves.

This page is meant to give you an overview of how I think about wedding photography and how I approach creating a set of wedding photographs.

At this point you should go and look at some pictures if you haven’t already, or if you just want to get in touch and have a chat about your plans, I’d love to speak to you. Fill out the contact form here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.