Unposed Wedding Photography, another award.

Newlywed couple kiss on the dance floor. An award winning image for unposed wedding photography.

If you have spent much time on this site you have probably come to the understanding that I’m all about unposed wedding photography. I really don’t see any need to go interfering with the couple and their day in order to make images like this which, as far as I’m concerned, show you and more importantly them what their wedding day felt like.  My whole aim at a wedding is to make a collection of images for the couple which, when they look back at them, remind them of the day; not only what it looked like, but what it felt like to them and also how it felt to those people they chose to have with them on the day, their closest family and friends.  I think that this picture from Marlis and James wedding at Colehayes Park achieves just that, I hope they feel the same.  This is definitely one of my favourites from the day and I’m sure you’ll see it again soon when I put together a blog post about my favourite (perhaps) ten images from the year, because it’s up there as well.

It’s satisfying then, to have an image that I like so much myself also recognised by others as having intrinsic value outside of any meaning it may have for the couple or for me. This image was recently recognised by the WPJA, One of the very few associations and awards bodies that I find worthwhile. Most of them aren’t particularly useful being little more than social media popularity contests. But the WPJA awards are made by a jury of highly decorated, well respected photojournalists, people I would like to think of as peers.

To end this blog post I’ll quote from the WPJA website;

“For all the decisions you make in planning a wedding, the biggest decision is declared before family and friends: an honest commitment to your relationship and its future. The photographs of the day, the event and the celebration should reflect that kind of authenticity — they should reflect you. Since 2002, the Wedding Photojournalist Association® has introduced engaged couples to photographers who have proved their talent as artists and skills as wedding photojournalists. We want to tell, not dictate, the beautiful story of your unique wedding.”

So if you want someone to tell, not dictate your story, with a collection of unposed wedding photographs, a set of images which remind you what the day felt like and in which you can see yourselves as opposed to some other generic cookie cutter couple then we should talk.

Michael Riley Photography


I am a a multi award winning UK and destination wedding photographer. Based in Devon, I offer wedding coverage throughout the UK and anywhere else in the world for couples who like my work and approach to a wedding.


My wedding photography is entirely unposed, natural & candid. My style is documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography which means that I don't intervene in the day for the sake of a shot. I don't pose, interfere or otherwise fuss and faff. Everything is relaxed, laid back and fun allowing for those natural moments to come through and be recorded as memories. You get all the moments observed not orchestrated. If you like the sound of this get in touch via my contact page.

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