A Wedding Photographer in Croyde.

XP214529(pp_w768_h511) A Wedding Photographer in Croyde.

One of the advantages of being a wedding photographer in Devon is that not only are the wedding venues beautiful but also you don’t have to go far for more stunning scenery on your days off.  This bank holiday just passed I was that wedding photographer in Croyde. Not working, just taking a few days on the beach with my son. Days filled with body boarding and sitting on the sand watching the world go by and nights of seemingly endless monopoly. we never did finish the game in fact.  We have been going up to Croyde nearly every summer for a couple of days for the past ten years. This year was no different and of course I had a camera to hand. You might expect that a photographer in Croyde is going to take a lot of pictures of the spectacular bay and I did take a couple but what really interests me most is watching the characters on the beach. I took far more pictures of people on the beach than I did the scenery. They say that street photography is one of the best training grounds for a documentary wedding photographer, I like to think of what I was doing as street photography on the beach.  Here’s a few of my favourite images from the weekend.
XP214540-1-683x1024(pp_w480_h719) A Wedding Photographer in Croyde.

XP214666-Edit(pp_w768_h511) A Wedding Photographer in Croyde.

XP214513-Edit-683x1024(pp_w480_h719) A Wedding Photographer in Croyde.

XP214492-Edit(pp_w768_h511) A Wedding Photographer in Croyde.

XP214493-Edit(pp_w768_h511) A Wedding Photographer in Croyde.


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