Your wedding photography, my best job

somersetweddingphotography-213788(pp_w768_h512) Your wedding photography, my best job

I’ve been around a fairly long time, I’ve done lots of stuff in that time. Ive been paid to travel the world and to meet famous and powerful people, but all of it pales beside what I do now. Your wedding photography, my best job. You commission me to spend one of the most important and happiest days of your life with you and your family and friends. I get to go to a gigantic party every weekend where everyone is happy, and animated and expressing their joy at being with you. I get to make pictures of that and to create the story for you through which you can relive the day and then retell it to your children and their children. Here’s Elise and Adam and their young son Rupert. He’ll see this picture one day.

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