Wedding Pictures. Do something with them.

This is a plea! I’m begging you, do something with your wedding pictures. So often I wonder what people do with their pictures after the big day. Albums are expensive things to make and buy and quite often just out of reach for newlyweds.  It’s a shame. But there are other things you can do. Make some prints and hang them on the wall. In any set of pictures I deliver I like to think there’s some that are wall hangable – that’s my intention in creating them partly.  Make a deck of playing cards or a book or get them screen printed onto t shirts but do something. Don’t let them languish in a draw on a USB stick or worse just leave them on your phone. A picture is a ‘thing’, an object it needs a tangible presence, it becomes so much more when you can hold it in your hand, pass it around and feel the surface and they’re created with this sort of use in mind.

The other reason for this blog post is to show you some pictures, cos what’s a blog post without pictures. A bride of mine from last year sent me these pictures the other day. Lizzie and Ash got married in their back garden and then held their reception in a field adjacent to their home. It was a lovely day and you can see some pictures of their tipi wedding here . Afterwards Lizzie made a book with the pictures. It’s beautiful, I love it. I’m thinking about making several for myself as a result of seeing the pictures she sent me, I might even start making them for clients as well. Anyway these are the pictures Lizzie sent me of her book…

weddingpicturebook(pp_w768_h576) Wedding Pictures. Do something with them.weddingpicturebook1(pp_w768_h576) Wedding Pictures. Do something with them.weddingpicturebook2(pp_w768_h576) Wedding Pictures. Do something with them.weddingpicturebook3(pp_w768_h576) Wedding Pictures. Do something with them.weddingpicturebook4(pp_w768_h576) Wedding Pictures. Do something with them.weddingpicturebook5(pp_w768_h576) Wedding Pictures. Do something with them.