"Mike!!! Looking at the pictures and having streams of tears coming down my eyes! What a spectacular job! Thank you, thank you…Grazie di cuore"

You are extraordinary people. Why settle for ordinary wedding photographs?

How many bridal blogs or wedding magazines did you look at before you came to the conclusion that all the weddings they showed you look the same?

If you’re anything like me, probably not many. Apparently weddings are all about stationary, place settings and shoes if the blogs and magazines are to be believed. Those things are important as context in the story of your day. But you? You’re all about the people. You’re all about fun, family, friends and love, dancing into the early hours and laughing ’til you can’t stop the tears rolling down your face.

For you, how it feels is even more important than how it looks.

Your wedding may be in a stately home, a campsite or a village hall, it might be a laid back bash in a farmer’s field or a tempestuously romantic affair set atop cliffs overlooking the sea. 

Where ever it is, it’s your wedding and because you’re you it couldn’t be anyone else’s wedding. So why should it look like that?

You want your wedding day to be about you. You’ve probably been to weddings where the photographer seemed to take over the day, where it’s all about the pictures he knows how to make and he needs to control the day to do it the way he always does. What you’ll get at the end is a set of pictures that will fit nicely into any wedding blog or magazine. A set of pictures that look like everyone else’s wedding.

But that’s not for you.

You don’t want to spend hours cajoling friends and family into line ups when they’re desperate for the bar or loo, or both.  You don’t want to be taken away from the party for hours on an endless, embarrassing photoshoot for pictures of the pair of you swooning into each other in the long grass. That’s just not you.

Pictures that remind you what your day felt like.

You want to be able to feel what the day was like to be part of when you look at those pictures and that’s exactly what I want to give you. Yes we can get a couple of family line up shots in there as well if you want them. we’ll do that quickly , painlessly and efficiently – same with a set of pictures of you as a couple together on your wedding day. Quick, painless and efficient and without any of the typical wedding cheese you saw in the blogs (fun fact – one of the big bridal blogs told me my pictures were ‘incompatible with their brand’).

I want to make pictures for you that you will love and which will be uniquely you. I do this by becoming part of your wedding day. I observe the day and record it from an insider’s perspective, dipping into the stream of the day and lifting moments from it. I won’t ever take over and orchestrate it and I won’t make you do stuff that you just don’t want to do. That’s just not me and it’s certainly not you.

Have a look here for a bit more about me and how I approach a wedding.

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